help with the job board

help with the job board

posting a job

to add a job to the job board, simply fill out the post a job form. the automatic end-date for your listing is four months from the date that you fill out the form. this is the longest that your job can be listed. if after four months the position has still not been filled, you are welcome to fill out the form again. once filling out the form, you will have the chance to preview your ad to make sure you like the way it looks prior to submitting it for approval.

please be aware that all jobs must go through a review and approval
process before being posted to the web site. this typically happens
within one business day.

post a job

deleting a job

job listings can be deleted at any time. please send an email to with the title of your job listing and the company name. requests are typically processed within one business day.

extending the listing date of a job

the end-date for a job listing cannot be changed. if your listing expires, you are welcome to resubmit the job posting.

making other changes to your listing

if you need to change any of the content of your listing or if you would like to request that your listing be moved to another section, please send an email with the details of your request and the title of your listing to .

need additional help?

if you have a question that is not answered on this page, please send an email with the details about the problems you are experiencing or the questions you have to .

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