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denver journal

welcome to denver journal. the purpose of the denver journal is to establish an online evangelical review journal of biblical and theological studies edited and produced by the faculty of denver seminary for use by alumni and all who are interested in biblical and theological ministry and research.

denver journal is a review journal. it aims to include reviews of all recent and significant books and published media relating to the major fields of biblical and theological studies: old testament, new testament, church history, systematic theology, world christianity, pastoral ministry and evangelism, counseling, philosophy of religion, education ministries and administration, homiletics and speech, and youth and family ministries.

denver journal will include reviews as well as review articles that might include essays on the present state of studies in a field or specific area of that field, annotated bibliographies, extensive reviews of a work of particular significance, and other longer items. the reviews themselves, divided according to the major fields of biblical and theological studies, will normally be 500-800 words in length. an additional section of book notes will include 100-200 word summaries and evaluations of books that are worthy of note but not necessarily deserving a full review in the journal.

denver journal is an evangelical journal. its choice of books and reviewers reflects the evangelical commitment and interests of the seminary.

the journal is online. all contributions are written and edited electronically.

the readership will include all denver seminary students, staff, faculty, and alumni as well as anyone interested from outside the seminary community, such as scholars, teachers, pastors, christian workers, and anyone else who might have an interest in the subjects. it will initially appear free of charge and be accessible through the seminary's web page.

the journal should fulfil a special need within the christian and scholarly world for immediate online evaluations of current research and publications in the biblical and theological fields without waiting for printed publication deadlines. it should therefore make a distinctive contribution to scholarly fields of research outside the evangelical world.

please let us know your thoughts and reactions to the denver journal.

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richard s. hess

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