racial injustice: response and resources

racial injustice: response and resources

a statement from denver seminary president, dr. mark young, regarding recent events:

the pernicious presence of racism in the united states remains one of the most destructive moral failures of our nation. and sadly the church is not innocent in its perpetuation. the events of the past several weeks surrounding the death of ahmaud arbery, george floyd, and breonna taylor have reminded us of just how much work needs to be done in our families, schools, and churches. we must come to grips with the fact that racism advantages some at the expense of others. any attempt to downplay its horrific consequences for millions of people does not ring true with the teaching of scripture. any reticence on our part to demand that those in power execute justice and seek reconciliation rather than further dividing the nation undermines the credibility of our gospel.

the administration, faculty, and staff at denver seminary have been working to address racism and our relationships as individuals and as an institution with communities of color. below are links to additional resources.

faculty statement on racism

racism: a reflection and prayer

engage360 podcast: gospel-guided race relations

in perspective: race, racism, and covid-19 panel discussion

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