giving opportunities

giving opportunities

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seminary fund

the seminary fund is the financial backbone of the seminary. it provides necessary funding for every operation cost at the seminary. each fiscal year, the seminary fund covers the operational budget for what tuition income does not cover. all additional gifts to the seminary fund are used in the general scholarship fund.

each year, the seminary fund helps us to significantly subsidize student tuition.

without the seminary fund, many of our current students would not be able to attend, or would leave our classrooms burdened with debt and be unable to effectively minister full-time after graduation. 

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types of scholarships

endowed scholarships

the principal of the endowment is held in perpetuity and is invested each year, and a percentage of the earnings is spent.

term-endowed scholarships

fund is intended to be fully distributed over a specified number of years (10-25) and the declining principal will accrue earnings to be included in the scholarships.  distribution may begin when funding criteria is achieved and following the next scholarship committee meeting.

current use

gift principal is intended to be fully distributed and will not accrue earnings.  distribution may be made in the semester(s) following the next scholarship committee meeting.

to learn more about types of scholarships, click the detailed pdf below or contact chris johnson

types of scholarships pdf


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