group connections

group connections

the seminary experience is rich, or it should be. one way to ensure that it is a robust experience is to engage in more than just classes. make relationships. this time is a point of convergence, an intersection in life. you’ll be surrounded by a unique blend of classmates from all seasons of life and ministry and they are worth learning from too. the student life office offers you regular opportunities to connect, so check them out below and get involved.

community advisors

the community advisors are a team of residents who work with student life to facilitate relationship-building opportunities for on-campus residents. with nearly 100 campus apartments there is a community here to build and maintain. the hope is to create caring neighbors to live life with while making memories and sharing some laughs. the densem  on-campus neighborhood isn’t perfect, but residents are devoted to creating an atmosphere that’s safe, neighborly, fun, and that is overall a pleasant place to live.

international students

denver seminary is a better place because of the diversity and fun that naturally comes with our international students.  of course, all denver seminary students are courageous for pursuing a graduate degree, but our international students display a particular boldness because they must overcome additional challenges like language, culture, and extreme distances from their family. the student life office spearheads a collaborative effort to support these students by providing focused assistance and resources as they earn their degrees, while our faculty are dedicated to equipping these students to think biblically, live faithfully, and lead wisely for a lifetime. as much as these students benefit from their seminary program, their cultural backgrounds and worldviews help broaden and enrich the lives of their fellow students, as well as the faculty and staff at denver seminary.  for more information about the international student experience at denver seminary, contact the community life coordinator in the student life office.

student interest groups

from the mutual experience of their studies, students discover shared interests beyond the classroom. these natural connections are one of the support systems of denver seminary, and the student life office works to help these ad hoc groups grow and thrive. whether your interest is in ultimate frisbee, intramural soccer, rock climbing, or volunteering on a habitat for humanity site, you’re sure to find others who share your passion.


cultural initiatives

the vernon grounds institute of public ethics

the vernon grounds institute of public ethics (vgi) provides environments and resources to educate, facilitate and train seminary students, members of christian leadership, and the christian community as a whole in the area of social ethics.

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the urban initiative

urban initiative (ui) exists to serve denver seminary students who come from an african-american background. ui facilitates activities, events, courses, discussion groups, media productions and seminars that will assist them in fulfilling their goals and objectives in ministry.

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the hispanic initiative

the hispanic initiative serves denver seminary and the spanish-speaking community through several programs. the three lay ministry programs include ideal (the institute for the development and training of leaders), the worship ministers program, and the marriage mentoring program. you can also get an associates degree in biblical studies from seteca.

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the asian initiative

the asian initiative focuses on developing pastoral and lay leadership among asian christians in the denver metro through the korean lifelong education initiative.

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