international student admissions process

international student admissions process

denver seminary is dedicated to the global reach of the gospel and therefore welcomes students from around the world to pursue their master's degree at denver seminary in preparation to use that degree in their home country after graduation. becoming an international student at denver seminary takes place in two major steps:

step 1: the admissions process

international students at denver seminary are admitted for full-time (9+ credits/semester) residential study in the degree program of their choice. as degree-seeking students, international applicants must complete the 3-step application for degree-seeking students as well as the additional steps listed below. please do not hesitate to contact the admissions office with any questions at 303.762.6937 or by emailing . your admissions counselor will work closely with you throughout the admission and i-20 application processes.

1. international students must demonstrate english proficiency through one of the following methods:

a. submit official scores from the test of english as a foreign language (toefl) to the admissions office. denver seminary's institutional code is 4080. the minimum score requirements for the internet-based test (ibt) are as follows:

    • reading – 22; listening – 22; speaking – 22; writing – 24
    • required minimum combined score – 90

free practice toefl exam

b. submit a letter of recommendation from spring international learning center (silc) showing successful completion of their intensive english language program as well as the specialized seminary preparation program.

    • the intensive english program includes the basic reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills necessary for seminary study and the seminary preparation program equips the student with the theological language, research, and presentation skills needed at the seminary level.
    • both programs, which can be taken simultaneously, assess the individual needs of students and provide specialized training to ensure success in seminary studies.
    • silc is conveniently located across the street from denver seminary on the campus of the arapahoe community college, giving students the opportunity to interact with denver seminary faculty and students prior to beginning their studies at the seminary.
    • it is possible to be provisionally accepted to denver seminary pending completion of spring international’s programs.

for more information about spring international learning center, please call 303.797.0100 or visit

c. request a toefl exemption. to request a toefl exemption, the applicant will need to provide one of the following:

    • proof that the individual has graduated from an accredited college/university in the u.s.
    • permanent residents/citizens or those whose first language is american english may be eligible for an exemption at the discretion of the admissions committee.

step 2: the i-20 process

although applying for an i-20 is not necessary for an international student to be accepted to denver seminary, an i-20 is required documentation for the issuance of a student visa and thus making the transition to campus. denver seminary requires that students complete their i-20 process by august 1 (for fall admission) and december 1 (for spring admission). if it is possible to complete the process before that, however, we'd highly encourage you to do so.

all documents can be emailed to , faxed to 303.783.3122 or mailed to:

denver seminary admissions
6399 south santa fe drive
littleton, co 80120

1. read through the i-20/visa guide.

this guide is designed to assist you in applying for and obtaining your i-20 and student visa. if you are already in the united states on a visa other than an f-1, please refer to the i-20/visa guide and consult with an immigration attorney to determine the type of study you can engage in while in the u.s.

2. complete the budgeted costs and funding sources worksheets.

you will need to provide verification of funding for the first year of your denver seminary program as well as a detailed financial plan for the remainder of your program.

mdiv/ma estimated expenses for 2019-2020 academic year*

single married
tuition and fees $14,155 $14,155
housing $9,420 $15,800
daily living expenses $4,250 $7,850
Health Insurance & Medical $1,800 $3,300
auto/fuel/insurance $7,500 $7,500
total $37,125 $48,605

*students with children should add $4,000 per child to the estimated expenses.

3. complete the information required for issuance of i-20 form.

4. if you are applying from inside the united states and are on an f-1 visa status, you will need to submit the transfer eligibility form along with the rest of your i-20 documents.

step 3: making the transition to campus

once you have been accepted into a degree program and have obtained your i-20 and visa, it is time to make the transition to campus. per united states regulations, international students on a student visa can enter the u.s. no earlier than thirty days before the start of their semester. as you prepare to come to campus, the department of student life will become your main source of assistance. student life provides resources, a network of support, and opportunities for you to develop meaningful relationships while transitioning to study in the united states and completing your academic program.

the student life office is located on the first floor of the graber administration building, with office hours from 8:30 am-5:00 pm (mst), monday through friday. please feel free to contact us at 303.357.5838 or at .

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