training and mentoring

training and mentoring

what do you want out of your experience at seminary? obviously, you want the knowledge, but have you even considered other critical aspects of your growth? we have.

our training and mentoring curriculum is an integral part of each student’s experience. it focuses on developing you as a life-long learner so that you walk out of denver seminary with a greater capacity to discern, develop, and manage your own unique learning experiences. this curriculum creates a personalized path, based on your history and future hopes, to mentor you in two primary ways: deeper character and professional skill development.

denver seminary is known for training and mentoring because it produces graduates that stand out in a crowd. explore what our training and mentoring is like for students or learn more about what it means to be a mentor.

if you're considering our master of arts in clinical mental health counseling program, the personal formation program is what you'll want to learn more about.

for more information, please contact our training and mentoring office

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