personal formation

personal formation

are you looking at our master of arts in clinical mental health counseling program? if so, continue reading about our personal formation program. if not, move on over to our Training & Mentoring section to learn more.

the process of becoming a counselor isn’t just about learning psychological theories. it’s about knowing what you can do and who you can be as a counselor and an individual.

as the primary instrument in counseling, the person of the counselor must be a whole and healthy person, known by deep character, professional skill, and knowledge. because these cannot all be learned solely in an academic classroom, clinical mental health counseling (cmhc) and school counseling (sc) students participate in the personal formation (pf) program. this experience draws together a network of professionals and mentors who share your journey, pouring into you in lasting ways, guiding you in how to transition the theoretical into your practical daily life. the context is created in pf where students can grow as whole persons and develop into lifelong learners who value, pursue, and experience growth through relationship with god and others.

the personal formation process is:

  • intentional – it is a three-semester program embedded within students’ clinical training courses and is an integral part of the counseling curriculum.
  • individualized - students are guided in their personal growth through student-designed formation plans, learning activities, reflection, and mentored relationships, all based on their history and future hopes.
  • dedicated – a select team of faculty and staff are responsible for overseeing and facilitating the pf process within the cmhc and sc programs.
  • supportive (relational) – the journey is shared with other students, a seminary-based formation director, a student-selected mentor, and a professional counselor.
  • developmental –  the pf process prepares students to be lifelong learners who actively pursue character formation beyond graduation from the cmhc and sc programs.

learn more about the cmhc or sc programs or contact brad widstrom to learn more about becoming a mentor for our students.

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