mdiv with a concentration in old testament

mdiv with a concentration in old testament

do you have a passion for the old testament that pops up in conversation on a regular basis? steward it well by exploring the mdiv with a concentration in old testament. this degree allows you to study 70% of the bible and to develop your knowledge and skills of how to preach and teach the old testament to the world.

you’ll be able to pinpoint all the ways the father points to his son as messiah and how his heart for the nations is a reoccurring theme. these truths will not only inform your preaching, teaching, and research, but they will transform the way you live out and share the gospel in the world.

faculty highlight

rev. dr. knut heim joined the faculty in 2016 as a professor of old testament. he is also a presbyter (an ordained minister) in the methodist church of the united kingdom. dr. heim has authored several books and is a member of several academic societies including the society of biblical literature, the institute of biblical research, the society for the study of the old testament (uk), and the tyndale fellowship (uk). before coming to denver seminary he has served as a missionary, a minister, and a tutor at two uk universities.

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how can i use this degree?

  • preach, teach, and live out god’s heart for missions
  • create a theological framework for your outreach ministries
  • pursue a doctoral degree, advanced research, and teaching

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about our faculty

the old testament faculty members are world-class scholars. collectively, they’ve published dozens of books and hundreds of journal articles; they act as supervisors of countless dissertations and theses, and serve as editors on major journals, monographs, and bible translations. not only are they academically at the top of their game, but they also value pouring into students’ lives outside the classroom through connecting over coffee or during a run on the historic platte river trail.

for more information about this degree program, please contact the admissions office or call 303.762.6937.
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