master of divinity degree

master of divinity degree

do you already know what you’re called to study? or are you still figuring that out? well, the good news is that a master of divinity (mdiv) covers all the bases. an mdiv provides the broadest and deepest preparation for ministry offered at denver seminary. you can keep your mdiv studies focused in a variety of areas by declaring no concentration. or, you can tailor your electives to a specific area of interest by choosing a concentration. from apologetics and ethics, to biblical studies, to pastoral care and counseling, we've got several ways you can focus your study with a concentration. this degree is for anyone serious about ministry—in pastoral, parachurch, or other settings—who want to understand not just the latest fads, but the full range of biblical, theological, and historical perspectives on relevant issues.

whether inside or out of the classroom, this program was designed on every level to work for the student and all that boils down to our people. when you’re looking for mentors to improve your practical ministry skills and to talk through real world situations, it wouldn’t be surprising if one of your professors filled that role. our world-class faculty are uniquely accessible and interested in knowing, mentoring, and interacting with students. their advice comes from experience as active practitioners in their fields. and, it is this combination of rigorous academics—through a robust core curriculum—and integrated contemporary application that makes our program so special. you just can’t beat a two-fer.

our advice: soak every opportunity you’ll have in the mdiv to learn from faculty who are global networkers, speakers, and prolific authors. their training and mentorship, connections and friendship are worth their weight in gold.

the master of divinity degree is offered fully online, at our main campus, and at our washington dc extension campus!

who should pursue an mdiv?

  • pastor—senior, preaching, executive, teaching, outreach, youth and family
  • chaplains—hospital, military, prison, corporate
  • missionaries
  • church planters
  • those wanting to go on to doctoral-level studies

degree worksheet

entrance requirements 

  • bachelor's degree from a regionally accredited undergraduate institution
  • cumulative undergraduate gpa of at least 2.5
  • completion of the application for admission and all required application documents

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fully online mdiv

if you're interested in pursuing an mdiv but can't relocate to denver or washington dc you can enroll in our fully online mdiv program!

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