dmin faqs

dmin faqs

what can i do with a dmin degree?

the possibilities are endless! the dmin degree is designed to increase the depth of competency and understanding in the practice of ministry in congregations, mission agencies, hospitals, para church organizations, and other settings. it often provides opportunities for advancement in one’s ministry context and may open up opportunities to teach or work in various educational or denominational contexts or other settings.

what is the difference between a dmin and a phd?

the dmin is a practical, professional degree focused primarily on the development and enhancement of ministry skills and practice. the phd is a research degree oriented more towards research and teaching, and especially adding new knowledge to a particular field of study. which degree is right for you? that depends on your personal needs and professional goals.

when should i apply?

the dmin program has two semesters – fall and spring. it is best to apply no later than september 15 for the fall semester (dmin fall semester is mid-october through march), and march 15 for the spring semester (dmin spring semester is mid-april through september). generally speaking, the earlier you apply, the better! (international students should apply earlier. please see below.)

what are the minimum requirements to apply?

applicants must have an accredited master of divinity (mdiv) degree or its academic equivalent, a gpa of at least 3.0, three years of ministry experience subsequent to their first graduate theological degree, and a ministry context in which they can apply their learning throughout the program. contact the dmin office with questions; .

what if i don’t have a master of divinity degree?  can i still apply?

yes! normally, an mdiv from an accredited institution is required for acceptance to the dmin program. however, some applicants do not have an mdiv, but do have another master’s degree. students who do not have an mdiv may be able to come into the program through mdiv equivalency. for more information on equivalency, please click here.

what do i need to do to apply as an international student?

the dmin program attracts students from all over the world and we highly value international applicants. for more information on what is required for international applicants, please click here.

how do i check on the status of my application?

contact the admissions office ( or 303-762-6937) and ask to speak with your admissions counselor.

how much does a dmin cost? 

the dmin program is 34 credits hours. for current tuition, please click here to consult the most recent seminary catalog.

how long does it take to complete the dmin program?

the dmin program is designed to be completed in 4–5 years. normally, students complete their seminars in 3 years and, depending on the project they design, complete the doctoral project in an additional 1 – 2 years.

is financial aid available?

yes. many dmin students use some type of financial aid. for more information, please click here.

does denver seminary offer an online or distance learning dmin program?

our dmin program places a high value on creating a transformational face to face learning environment that builds intimate community between faculty and students. because of this we do not offer any of our seminars online. students travel to our littleton campus for one one-week seminar each january and two one-week seminars each july for three years. two of the january visits are for the two electives which students may do as individualized studies rather than on-campus, reducing the number of trips from six to four.

how do i get a schedule of upcoming courses? 

please email the dmin office at . we would be happy to send you a course schedule.

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